Welcome (again)!

Hello again! 

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be working on TDC again!

After I went on hiatus I was hit with emptiness rather than the relief I expected and had one of those "want what you can't have" experiences. I started having idea after idea for posts I wanted to put on TDC and was saddened by the decision I made to leave it be. After an excellent gal pal brunch with Chloe and Vicky, which served as another reminder about how much I missed TDC, I started working on this relaunch.

I've done this a few times since I bought the my domain, but I have high hopes that this is will be the last time I get fed up and "wipe the slate clean." I have always had a lot of ideas about what I wanted TDC to be, but never got it quite right. I was too ambitious I think and I fixed on this idea of putting up the "right content". Unfortunately this ended up in me not getting content up at all. Posts had to be a certain way, and had to follow a certain formula that in hindsight was boring, and unrealistic. Instead of giving myself guidance and structure, I ended up making my blog feel like a chore and  I got frustrated when I fell behind with the posts I had hoped to put up.   

So here I am, starting over, and this time I  don't have any solid ideas of how things are going to go. I believe TDC will feature the same themes that I posted about before (books, food, photos, personal life) but I don't know what format the posts will take. Hopefully having more flexibility will help me create a blog that I am proud of and enjoy working on. 

I wrote a little bit more about what I want TDC to be on my new About Me page so please make sure to check that out!

Another thing I want for my new site is the opportunity to interact with my readers more.
I would love to have readers comment on my posts and share them on social media.
Let me know what you'd like to see more of (and maybe the things I should scrap).

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Much Love,